Pulled through New Year’s eve soundly 1

Good morning my dear ones!

Did you have a healthy start into the New Year? Had delightful celebrations? Did your four legged friends get through New Year’s eve well? What did you do?

IMG_20151230_171753We had a lot going on here. My poor owner has been looking like a pizza face for three days now. On Wednesday we were at the doctor’s together and he assumed an allergic reaction. Good that Klara took me with her because there was a big crowd and the waiting room was full. At the front desk I helped her to get some space. Again some people wanted to pet me even though I wore my classification cover. But I ignored them. Fortunately Klara had the courage to ask if she could wait in one of the bunks. The doctor gave her some antihistamines and with them the rash should get better.

But unfortunately it didn’t get better – even worse. In the meantime Klara has it on her whole body and yesterday she went to the emergency ward by choice, because the itching and burning wasn’t bearable anymore. This time I stayed at home. On the one hand she couldn’t tolerate arguing at the clinic as well and on the other hand she didn’t know when she would be finished there. It could have been possible that she would have been ready only shortly after midnight and we would have had to go home in the midst of the firework. Although I had already demonstrated on our afternoon round that I don’t care about some firecrackers. Well, at first I had to see what it was, because my partner herself was totally startled. Quickly checking if she was okay, getting some treats for it and then I wasn’t interested in the firecrackers anymore at all.

IMG-20151231-WA0017So my partner was at the clinic alone and I stayed at home with Max and Medic. Medic didn’t like the firecrackers very much, but he could be distracted with a ball filled with food and a chewing stick. Well, and I totally benefited from that and got some, too.

Even at the clinic the dermatologist didn’t know exactly what it was. She thinks it’s probably just a rash because of a viral disease. But she couldn’t tell which virus. They drew some of Klara’s blood to run some tests but she hasn’t gotten the results yet. She also got an infusion to treat the rash. The doctor offered to take her in stationary, but she refused. Going to the clinic is hard enough and she doesn’t like stationary treatment even when it’s an emergency.

Shortly before eleven o‘ clock she finally could go home. In the meantime Medic and I had emptied the food toyballs plus a one meter long chewing stick. We cuddled together on the couch because the infusion had made my partner totally tired. When shortly before midnight the firecrackers went off vigorously we got a windpipe with meat on it. That was yummy, let me tell you! After eating the racket of the fireworks still wasn’t over but I didn’t care. Medic hid under the blanket and so he got through the spectacle easily.

IMG_20160101_091137When I woke up from the food induced coma today my partner was already awake. We immediately went outside. The town was deserted. Just great for a morning walk.

Hereby I wish you all a happy New Year!

Woof, Yours Ylvi

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