Now even the Tyrolean newspaper has picked up on the issue. Mrs. Warenski writes: “The law stipulates that people with disabilities are allowed to take their assistance dogs anywhere. In Tyrol not everyone abides by these regulations.” Innsbruck, Vienna The Labrador-Retriever Ylvi deserves more than one treat. Since the end […]

“Certificated assistance dog gets expelled from store” the Tyrolean newspaper ...

Phew, it has gotten late again. We had a great day today. Together with Rita, her two mousies, Rita’s mum and her Sam we went for a walk. First I was allowed to meet Sam on the dog field to see if we even get along. It was soon clear […]

Won the BARF book by Nadine Wolf

And in other grocery stores it works out Last time I told you about my negative experiences at MPreis. Well, what shall I say, someplace else it works. But let’s start at the beginning. Today the eagerly awaited Secret Santa parcel arrived. Ylvi and Medic were immediately interested in it […]

And in other grocery stores it works out

It was a year with ups and downs. But there were also some really good things about it: – We were able to start with Ylvi’s training as an assistance dog – Most of the training has already been financed. And we will manage the rest of it as well! […]

This was the year 2015