This was the year 2015

It was a year with ups and downs. But there were also some really good things about it:

– We were able to start with Ylvi’s training as an assistance dog
– Most of the training has already been financed. And we will manage the rest of it as well!
– Already in November we were able to take the assistance dog exam and succeeded
– The training is in progress
– We had first achievements regarding the topic of the right of access
– Our homepage is finished, which is a good start for our educational work
– Therapy continues to be financed and I also have found a therapist
– Ylvi gives me a lot of pleasure and helps to make my everyday life significantly easier

At the end I want to say “thank you” to all of you dearly.
Thanks for your support.
Thanks for your kind and encouraging words when I was feeling down.
Thanks for all the likes and sharing my posts – thereby Ylvi and I can reach even more people.
Thank you for making it possible for me to train Ylvi as my helper.

Klara with assistant dog Ylvi

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