Won the BARF book by Nadine Wolf

Phew, it has gotten late again.

We had a great day today. Together with Rita, her two mousies, Rita’s mum and her Sam we went for a walk.
First I was allowed to meet Sam on the dog field to see if we even get along. It was soon clear to me that Sam is a great guy for running games. And because there was snow on the field it was twice as much fun.

Afterwards we went to the forest with our part-time pack. There our two-legged friends had a great overview and Sam was allowed to run off-leash. Briefly there was a little quarrel between him and Medic. Sam desperately wanted to mount Medic which he in turn naturally didn’t find funny at all. But my partner and Rita saved the situation by dividing the two of them and Sam understood quickly that he should leave Medic alone. To explore the forest with four other dogs is a lot of fun. But unfortunately my partner forgot to take photos…

IMG_20160109_195302Oh, and I almost forgot.

Klara participated in a contest by Barf-Tierwelt.de and won. Yesterday the prize arrived. The new BARF book by Nadine Wolf! I didn’t find it very exciting but my owner was very happy about it. She thinks she can calculate our meals with it anew. Well, hopefully I’ll get more chow. Because I think what I get on a daily basis is far too little – a Labrador’s stomach has a loooot of room.

IMG_20160109_220247Paula and Clia visited us briefly and even brought something along for me. An amazing glowing collar in pink! Wohoo! At last I am clearly visible again in the dark. Because unfortunately my old one bit the dust. I then carried my new collar around in the living room. After all I had to show off proudly what I had gotten.

I just don’t understand why they laughed like that. Somebody said “You don’t wear a collar like that!” Pfff. They have no idea.

Yours Ylvi

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